Hotelito Rates

Room Rates

Low and Middle Season:
  • $35-45 US (1-2 people)/night

High Season:
  • $50-60 US (1-2 people)/night

Peak Season: on request

Each additional person: $8-10 US/night

Sorry, we are unable to accept children under 16
Additional Options


  • The hotelito offers: Swimming pool and a shaded sitting area where you can enjoy a cool beer or mineral water while surfing on our free wi-fi internet.
  • All rooms are equipped with balcony, mosquito net windows, private bath, hot water and fans.
  • We can arrange tours, horseback riding, massage, surf lessons and Spanish classes.
  • Our ecological hotelito is covered with a palapa (palm trees) and adobe, so it stays cool inside when it's hot outside.
  • NEW: We now offer a community kitchen for our guests.
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